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I’m the author of the Knit & Nibble mystery series, featuring Pamela Paterson, founder and mainstay of the Arborville knitting club, nicknamed “Knit and Nibble.” The setting for the Knit & Nibble series is a charming New Jersey town rather like mine.The Knit & Nibble theme reflects the fact that I’m a long-time knitter and an enthusiastic cook.

Click on the Knit & Nibble Mysteries tab and then on the individual book covers for details on the books, and links to order.

Knit & Nibble #9, Irish Knit Murder–with a St. Patrick’s Day theme–is now out. There’s much more information on the Irish Knit Murder page. Click here. And thank you to Wonder Women Sixty for a lovely review. Irish Coffee Trifle, created by Wilfred Fraser in the book and included as the recipe at the end, has made quite a hit online! Irish Knit Murder is digital TeaTime magazine’s Cozy Corner book pick for March and the recipe is featured on the website, complete with photos. Irish Coffee Trifle has also been featured on Criminal Element’s “Cooking the Books,” along with another lovely review of Irish Knit Murder.

Knit & Nibble #10, Knitmare on Beech Street, is due out at the end of 2023, and Irish Milkshake Murder, Kensington’s 2024 St. Patrick’s Day novella anthology, will be out in January 2024. It will include my novella, Murder Most Irish.

News! I was recently interviewed by Julie Hennrikus, Executive Director of Sisters in Crime, for the Sisters in Crime Writers’ Podcast Series. Click here to access the podcast.

And my article, “It Runs in the Family,” was included in the Hobbies & Crafts issue of Mystery Readers Journal. This venerable resource for mystery lovers is published by Mystery Readers International, under the leadership of Janet A. Rudolph, and based in Berkeley CA. For more information and to join, subscribe, or purchase back issues, click here.

Upcoming: I’ll be writing two more Knit & Nibbles for Kensington, #11 and #12, and I’ll be contributing novellas to two more Kensington novella anthologies, Irish Soda Bread Murder and Easter Egg Murder.

The 2022 Kensington Christmas anthology, Christmas Scarf Murder, which includes my Knit & Nibble novella, Death by Christmas Scarf, has been out since last year. Wonder Women Sixty included Christmas Scarf Murder in the site’s Top Holiday Cozy Mystery list, a list of Christmas-themed cozies both old and new, well worth taking a look at.

Also last year, I was interviewed by Art Kilmer for his Cozy Christmas podcast, focusing especially on my full-length Christmas-themed Knit & Nibble, Silent Knit, Deadly Knit, from 2020. Click here for a link to the podcast.

Cheese Dibs! My most recent guest recipe blog and featured in Irish Knit Murder. Visit Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen for the recipe and more photos.

The Knit & Nibble mysteries contain bonus material–ideas for knitting projects and recipes for goodies baked by my sleuth. I’m making the knitting projects and baking the goodies. To see photos of them, click on the Knit & Nibble Mysteries tab and then on the individual book cover and scroll down on the page that opens.

Granny squares again! New post up on Yarn Mania.

Like my sleuth, I’m unable to resist thrift shops, estate sales, flea markets–anywhere that cast-off treasures can be rescued. Often these treasures are fascinating projects involving yarn. Click on the Yarn Mania tab for a chronicle of my various finds, as well as other yarn-related goodies, including my own projects. I add to it from time to time. And Wicked Authors recently hosted me for a guest blog on my estate-sale adventures: “Rescued Treasures.” Click here to read it–and see many fun photos.

Is your book group planning to read Murder, She Knit? Click here for a pdf with discussion questions.

Is your group looking for a speaker? I’m happy to talk about any aspect of reading or writing mysteries–or click here for some specific talks I’ve prepared.

I’m delighted to announce that my work has been added to the Stop, You’re Killing Me! website. If you’re not already familiar with this fantastic resource for people who love mysteries, drop by and take a look. You’ll be amazed.

My first mystery series (two books worth!) was set in the world of a struggling blues band and featured a female blues-singer sleuth, “Maxx” Maxwell. When the first Maxx Maxwell mystery, Sweet Man Is Gone, came out, I launched the project of baking a music-themed pie every month for a year. I left that tab up when I redid the website for Knit & Nibble–because Pamela Paterson herself loves to bake goodies and because … pies!