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A Turquoise Twosome

I found this colorful pair of crocheted poodles at an estate sale.

The context in which I found them, as well as their curious shapes–as if each was designed fit over something, suggested that they had a purpose beyond mere cuteness.

Here’s the smaller one in the setting for which I suspect he was designed–perched on a bathroom counter by the sink.

Here he has been dislodged to reveal what he is hiding, two extra bars of soap.

I suspect he once had eyes, but at least his little red tongue is intact.

His sides are worked in a very attractive crochet pattern, with a long oval forming his back.

Here’s the larger poodle. He has also lost his eyes along the way, but you can just see his little red tongue.

He also hides a bathroom staple.

This side view shows his tail.

His entire body is worked in the same pattern used on his smaller companion’s sides.

I imagine these poodles were created by the woman whose estate was the subject of the sale at which I found them. I hope she would be happy to know they are having their fifteen minutes of fame.

PeggyA Turquoise Twosome