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A Very Merry Granny-Square Afghan

This afghan isn’t explicitly Christmas-themed, but the color is so cheery that it certainly captures the spirit of the season.

It’s one of my rescue afghans, found long ago. I have no idea who made it, but it’s definitely handmade and the workmanship (womanship, more likely) is exquisite.

As you can see, it’s all one color–a gorgeous shade of red–rather than the patchwork multicolor effect that suggests the crocheter was using up odds and ends of yarn. But the fact that it’s all one color puts the focus on the lovely texture created by the granny-square pattern.

It’s not too large. Each square is 3″ by 3″ and the whole thing is 27″ by 51″–almost more the shape and size of a shawl than a lap rug or blanket.

Here it is on another chair, waiting for someone to cuddle up under it, cat pillow included.

Happy Holidays to all!

PeggyA Very Merry Granny-Square Afghan