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Antique Kitten

I found this kitten at an estate sale billed as offering “Americana.” Indeed, the owners of the house had assembled a collection of silver pieces that looked as if Paul Revere could have made them, as well as lovely old wooden furniture and folk art. I don’t think this kitten is handmade but she certainly is old. At the sale she was sitting in a highchair made of wood so aged it must have served many generations of babies.

She even has a tail.

And such a sweet face.

PS: I got an email from a reader telling me she had found another of these kitty dolls on Etsy. The Etsy posting includes the information that she’s one of Mrs. Ryan’s Knitted Toys from Grand Rapids MI. Click here for more. Thanks to “sixlittlerabbits” for this great reference!

PeggyAntique Kitten