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Cozy Crocheted Slippers

With the change in the weather, it’s time to think about cozy feet. Knowing my interest in curious things to do with yarn, my daughter-in-law passed along to me these crocheted slippers she found on one of her thrifting adventures. Do they remind you of elf shoes?

The color scheme strikes me as having a 1970s feel, with the chartreuse and brown combination–though the brown is just one color in an ombre yarn that shades from brown to pink to white.

The construction is ingenious–each slipper is constructed from four crocheted granny squares cleverly assembled to create the slipper shape. They aren’t the lacy granny squares like one sees in my favorite afghans but they are clearly a version of that concept.

Here is the slipper’s toe. The corners of the square have gotten a little rounded (these slippers were obviously worn by their first owner) but you can recognize the granny square construction in the way successively larger rows radiate from the center. These granny squares have an added feature. The innermost row involves an embossed technique that creates a flower-like effect.

Here is the vamp of the slipper–another granny square. I’ve folded the heel under it in order to smooth it out for the photo.

And here is the heel, also with rounded corners.

The rest of the slipper is formed from a large chartreuse granny square. Two of the corners fold up to join the smaller granny squares that form the other parts of the top. I couldn’t show it laid out as a square unless I wanted to disassemble a slipper, but you can see the rows radiating out from the center and you can see the other two corners at the right and left.

And then of course there is the pom pom.

Very cozy–though the fit is a bit tight on my size 8 1/2 feet!

Here’s another view.

PeggyCozy Crocheted Slippers