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Cute Crocheted Baby Cardigan

Here’s a cozy topic for a blog post on a chilly winter day.

I found this little hand-made sweater at a tag sale, with no other baby clothes nearby. It doesn’t look worn at all. Perhaps it was a lovingly crocheted gift that was never given. Why? The mystery-writer’s imagination springs into action. Could it be the key to a tantalizing plot involving simmering family resentments, or . . . ?

It measures 10″ from the neckline to the bottom edge, and the sleeves are 6″ long. It was created using an interesting crochet technique called the popcorn stitch. The texture looks just like popcorn–especially with white yarn.

Here’s the back–more popcorn.

The sleeves are also popcorn stitch except for the section that attaches to the armhole. That section was worked in a smoother stitch, perhaps to allow for freer arm movement.

Instead of buttonholes, the cardigan features delicate little chain-stitched loops.

Button up and stay warm!

PeggyCute Crocheted Baby Cardigan