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Heirloom of the Future

My mother is constantly busy with her needlework, and kits for needlework projects have become most welcome gifts. A kit usually provides more yarn than needed to complete the project, so a devotee of needlework kits ends up with masses of leftover yarn, good-quality wool in a dazzling array of colors. My sister Penny is also a dedicated craftsperson, and has found a use for the leftovers. Inspired by the Frugal Knitter’s Scarf I invented as a knitting project in Murder, She Knit, Penny (yes, she is the inspiration for Pamela’s daughter Penny in my series), created a frugal crocheter’s afghan.

Photo courtesy of Penny, with the unexpected bonus of Murder, She Knit waiting on the arm of the sofa for a cozy read!

Here’s another view of the afghan.

PeggyHeirloom of the Future