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Not Edible, but . . .

It’s hard to imagine a holiday for which no one has devised a yarn-based craft project. I came across this wonderful Thanksgiving turkey while browsing at a recent estate sale.

The rendering of the turkey’s distinctive plumage is quite detailed. Here’s a closeup of the wing.

And here’s the head, complete with beak and wattle.

He even has feet.

Here’s another view.

And here’s a clue as to how he was made, possibly from a kit.

This is the bottom. You can see the underside of his feet. The technique seems basically like needlepoint, with a more rigid base, plastic, rather than fabric. The pieces–wings etc.–are probably cut to size, or come that way in the kit. Then after the needlepoint is done, they are assembled into the finished creature.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

PeggyNot Edible, but . . .