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One More Granny-Square Afghan Rescue

I really can’t resist these. Someone long ago put a lot of work into this one, and now it seemed to be crying out for repair–also a good washing.

I found it at an estate sale in a rambling Victorian-era house that had once been very grand. Now the floors were scuffed, the walls were discolored, and the silver plate–of which there was a lot–was woefully tarnished. But I could imagine the parties that had taken place around the long table in the formal dining room, and in the living room with its splendid fireplace and mantel.

The family’s possessions were piled here and there in a way that made it impossible to imagine anyone living in the house recently. This afghan, barely recognizable as an afghan, was heaped with random piles of ancient books on a large wooden desk. The first price I was quoted was $5, but when I pointed out that the afghan would need a lot of repair, the man running the sale reduced the price to $2.

I was particularly attracted to the muted colors, perhaps an effect of its age. The combination of black, red, and cream reminds me of the colors in the rugs and blankets made by Native Americans in the Southwest, and the geometrical effect of the granny squares enhances that comparison.

The afghan isn’t made from wool or synthetic yarn but rather from a cotton fiber. Fortunately, the squares were mostly intact–though I repaired a few with needle and thread–because I don’t think I could have found the right cotton yarn to make new squares that would match the existing ones. Another charming feature is the delicate edging. It’s red, but see the little flecks of white. The yarn used for the edging must have been variegated red and white.

Its problem was that some of the stitching that held the squares together had disintegrated.

I was able to salvage some of the cotton yarn that had originally been used to stitch the squares together.

I also used some black acrylic yarn, which blended in okay. Since the afghan isn’t wool or a wool lookalike, it makes a nice summer throw for the back of the sofa, and I can admire my repair handiwork every day.

PeggyOne More Granny-Square Afghan Rescue