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So Sweet–Woven-Square Baby Blanket

This is a garage-sale find from long ago. You can see that, befitting a baby blanket, the colors are soft pastels: pink and blue accented with pale yellow. Since it surely dates from an era before parents could know before a baby’s birth whether they would be welcoming a girl or a boy, the creator of this blanket seemingly wanted to allow for either possibility.

Recently I looked at it more closely and realized that it uses the same woven-square technique as the interesting vintage find I posted about in February of 2018, a woven-square blanket with squares of salmon-pink and two shades of green. In response to that post I received a most informative email from Barbara Minerd, a retired professor of visual communication. She confirmed that, as I had suspected, the squares were made individually and then sewn together, and she said they likely were created using the ‘Weave-It’ loom made by Hero Manufacturing Co., Inc., in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

Modern versions of these weaving kits–plastic, of course–are available from craft and hobby shops like Michaels, but vintage versions, including the authentic ‘Weave-It,’ can be found on Etsy and eBay.

The squares in the baby blanket are exactly the same size as the ones in the salmon-pink and green blanket, 3″ by 3″, but the creator of the baby blanket has added a bit of complexity. Some of the squares have plaid effect, the result of varying the colors of the warp and weft strands.

And some introduce an interesting surface pattern of nubs created by passing the weft strand over more than one warp strand at once.

The edges of the blanket are plain yellow, alternating smooth squares with the nubby pattern. Here’s a smooth square.

And here’s a nubby square.

Just to make things interesting, the corner squares are plaid.

The seams that join the squares together are more conspicuous on the reverse side.

Here’s another view of the blanket.

PeggySo Sweet–Woven-Square Baby Blanket