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What Are They?

They appear to be little dresses, in very springlike colors, crocheted using a delicate thread rather than yarn.

They are *very* little–only four inches from neck to hem.

Here’s another solid green one, but with a different crochet stitch used for the skirt.

A little variety: green skirt and yellow bodice.

And how about yellow skirt and green bodice?

The yellow cloth petticoat shows off the lacy crochet stitch used for the skirt.

The trimming on the armholes varies too. Here’s one style.

And here’s another.

They have a front and a back, just like a real dress, and the armholes are real armholes.

Here you can see the variety of crochet stitches really clearly, and you can see lots of examples of chain stitch. (The top two are the same–just different colors.)

Now to the question: What actually are they? Etsy to the rescue, with many many sellers offering ones very similar to mine. I found mine at an estate sale, and I imagine many of the Etsy sellers did too. They are not dresses for headless dolls. They are potholders–but obviously more for show than for use, since they are very small and not substantial enough to really protect fingers removing, for example, large baking dishes from the oven.

The technique is called thread crochet and patterns are available, also on Etsy, and on Ravelry, for crocheters who like to replicate these lovely old-time craft projects. Here’s a link to a page on Etsy with many examples of thread crochet dress potholders for sale.

PeggyWhat Are They?